Sunday, January 24, 2010


Before I get into this week's writing, I want to take a minute and say Happy Birthday to my dad. He is 82 today. Happy Birthday!

I live in San Diego. Generally speaking we have the best weather, anywhere. Usually between 65 and 77 degrees, low humidity, little rain. This week, the weather made sure we knew not to take our blessings for granted.

I usually ride after work three or four days a week. Depending on where I am in my training schedule, and what time will allow 15-40 miles per ride. I got out on Tuesday in a short, but windy dry window for 15.55 miles. The wind had done some damage here:

Wednesday I did an hour on the trainer. I really prefer riding outside, but the biggest part of the storm hit Thursday. Wasn't feeling great on Thursday, so no riding, not even on the trainer. Actually took a nap after work, and went to bed at 8:30.

Fortunatley felt much better Friday, which is scheduled off on my training. I use my after work time on Friday to prep my bike and nutrition for my Saturday long ride.

Saturday, 7:00AM roll out. The skies are clear, but the air is crisp and downright chilly. 43 degrees. I am well layered. The roads are still really wet. This will be a good test for my new shoe covers. Through Rancho Santa Fe and off to the coast. Then through Camp Pendleton (Semper Fi)! And on up to San Clemente. Refuel and turn around. Back through Pendleton, and straight down the coast. Around Oceanside my legs felt like lead. Poor early season form? Not enough riding this week? Pushed too hard outbound? Pushed through and finished my 112.2 mile ride. Building the miles up, I have some long events planned for this year.

Went out Sunday, originally thinking recovery ride, but I really need to start thinking about good efforts back to back days for 600K, 1,000K, and 24 hour events I have planned this year. And the legs felt pretty good once I got out, so I went over Torrey Grade, pushed up the grade and set a Personal Best. I track my time over Torrey since it is near my house and I do it about once a week or so. Ending a water logged, less riding than I would like week on a very positive note.

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