Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dude! You have pink bar tape on your bike!!

Yes I put pink bar tape on my bike. Why? October is breast cancer awareness month, and pink is the breast cancer awareness color. But it's more than just breast cancer. It’s about all cancers. In addition, October 2nd is global Livestrong day.

Earlier in the year, Livestrong did an “I ride for…” campaign.

Here’s who I ride for:

My mom, who lost her fight with lung cancer earlier this year.
My mother-in-law, who is a 13 year breast cancer survivor.
My father-in-law, who is currently battling mouth and throat cancer.
My uncles, Harry, Chuck, Elmer, and Harry who all succumbed to cancer.
My wife’s uncle Don, who lost his fight with brain cancer.
My wife's grandfather who lost his fight with non-hodgkins lymphoma.
I ride for the 28 million currently battling cancer

That’s way too many. So here’s the deal. For the month of October, I will donate 10 cents per mile, for every mile I ride. If all goes well, I should put up over 1,000miles this month; and since I have started running I will add $1.00 per mile run. My donations will be to Livestrong to help the global fight against ALL CANCER.

For Livestrong day on October 2nd, I plan on riding for 14 hours. Or, 28 half-hours, for the 28 million.

Here’s my challenge: Who else is in? I’m not about pledges and all that stuff. Just follow my mileage on Dailymile, or on this blog, and do what you can. Here’s the information to donate to Livestrong:

Oh, and guys; how many of you are man enough to join me in rocking the pink bar tape?

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  1. Nice bar tape. Any way you can work Tour de Fat in Balboa Park into your riding routine on the 2nd of October?

    Robert in San Diego