Saturday, January 24, 2015

Stagecoach Century 2015

The sun rises, it would soon be up.  And we would be off.

Here we go.  Just a few miles in.

Already going uphill.

Yup, its that freaking steep

Turnin' over the cranks.

Gut check.  Strava start.  Yeah, right.  Leave that for the skinny dudes.

This is a steep part.  I'm doing the "paperboy"  Photographer captured it well.

The downhill was fun!  Tuck and GO!

The finish!

The stats:

Bike: Specialized Roubaix Expert
50-34 crank
11-28 cassette
Fuel: Sunrype Mango Manosteen, Rootbeer Gu, and on course PB&J
(okay maybe an oreo or two, too)

Pedal time 6:38.

Weather: About as good as it gets for the desert in January.  47 at start.  75 at finish.  Breezy in spots on northern third, but not bad.

The event:  Great.  Quiet, low traffic road.  More aid stations than you could possibly need.  The chance to at least see of the areas best riders.  Strongly recommend this one.

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