Sunday, February 28, 2010

The week Between Events, Part II

No events this week. Had a typical week of training with my after work rides.

The forecast for Saturday was awful. Rain, heavy at times. Starting overnight Friday, and all day Saturday. I decided to push my long ride to Sunday. I’ll ride in the rain for an event. I’ll ride in the rain if I haven’t done it for a while, to make sure my gear set up is good, etc. But after the past month, I’ve had it with riding in the rain. Actually the worst part is the two hour bike clean that follows.

I did put new bar tape on my bike! If I were wealthy I’d do this at least once a month. Something really cool about fresh bar tape.

Friday night, I decided I’d go run with my wife on Saturday. She LOVES to run in the rain. I thought, a little cross-training, maybe help encourage her as she prepares for the Rock –N –Roll half marathon. So we ran. 6.5 miles. I’m not a runner. I run, about twice a month for cross training. Usually 2.5 to 3 miles. My longest ever was a little over 4 miles. But I felt really good to start with. I could have gone faster, but wanted to stay with wifey, and I wasn’t sure how I would hold up. Well, I made it, and finished pretty good.

Wow I was tired later in the day. And the quads were sore. I woke up today and felt okay, but not great. I went out for my ride about 8:30. Rode 34 miles, stopped for a water fill, and realized I was gassed. So I turned and headed for home. Did a metric century finished right on 62 miles. Slower than normal for the route, but hopefully the body will respond to the curve ball I threw it.

This week: Back to regular pre-event training, as Saturday is our 400KM Brevet. For the metrically challenged, that’s about 250 miles. You can see the map and profile here.

My upcoming events:

March 6: SD Randos 400KM
March 27: Solvang Spring Double Century
April 17 SD Randos 600KM

Tune in next week for a ride report on the 400KM.

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