Sunday, March 14, 2010


Early in the route. The mountains lurk.

On Friday I headed up to Moorpark for the Pacific Coast Highway Randonneurs (PCHR) 400KM brevet.

I signed up for this event since I had to take a DNF for the San Diego 400KM last week due to a mechanical.

Once in Moorpark, I gave the bike a final inspection, lubed the chain and took a short test drive. All seemed well, so now it was up to me.

We rolled out Saturday morning at 5:30 AM. It was cold, but dry, and no rain in the forecast!

We rolled out and quickly the faster riders took off, everyone settled into their pace and rhythm. I felt good, and felt like I was riding strong. I hit the first control with the idea of getting in and out. A line to buy water. A line to use the restroom. Then I had to reconfigure my clothing since it was warming up. Finally I took off. That was a theme throughout the day. I took way more time at the controls than I like to or wanted to. I also lost time when I missed a turn. Since several folks missed it, I’ll blame the cue sheet.

The hardest part of the day? Casitias pass. Big climb. By the time I got over the pass and into Ojai, daylight was waning. Ojai was mile 157. Almost a century to go, starting in the dark.

I think it’s better and safer to ride with a couple of riders in the dark. I hooked up with Mel and Jamie. I know Jamie from the SD Randos, and met Mel. We rode together for the entire final 100 miles. Good company for the long ride, and good to have companions while trying to navigate Ojai. Thanks, guys!

So the results: I finished. 253 miles, 248 officially, and about 5 bonus miles. 18 hours of pedal time. 21 hours plus actual time. My goal was sub 20, and my stretch goal was 18, so I’m a bit disappointed there. Gotta figure out how to get out of the controls quicker. Should have been sub 20 based on 18 hours of pedal time. Hats off to my friend Keith who came in with the lead group at 15 plus hours.

This was the first brevet I have done that had information controls and secret controls. I guess since the route was not a straight out and back or defined loop these are needed to ensure everyone rides the entire route.

East Mtn Road. Time to climb

A big thanks to the Pacific Coast Higway Randos, the Jones' and all the volunteers.

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  1. Excellent work!! Congrats on your longest ride/brevet ever!!