Monday, September 12, 2011

Tri Rock San Diego

The Austin 70.3 is six weeks away. Yesterday was Tri Rock, a Sprint Triathlon in Embarcadero Park, San Diego. My tune-up race for Austin. Use the same gear, fuel, methods and make sure it all works.

The day started with a 3:30 AM wake up call, to leave by 4:30, since Transition opens at 5:00. One cool thing about Tri Rock, is the racks. No hanging your bike, slots for your wheel, nice and stable. And they had all the spots assigned, no first come first serve stuff.

I found my place, and set my stuff up. Took my time, I had plenty. Note to self, it was dark, bring your running headlamp to Austin just in case.

Now the waiting game. My wave is scheduled to go off at 8:10. Its 6:15 and I’m ready.

I went over to the swim start area. The first wave started at 7:00, and before that, there was a tremendous rendition of our national anthem, along with a tribute to 9-11.

Tick tock, tick tock, it’s finally 8:00 and our group is on-deck. We get into the water, I warm up a bit, then get into position for our start.

The swim start is always chaotic. I decided to start this swim with my head up, less efficient, but better than getting knocked all over the place. And it worked well, as I could tell when it was the ideal time to start swimming. I had a solid swim, 10:38 for 500 meters, right in the middle of my age group. Off to Transition.

Bike time, my favorite. The bike course was supposed to go out Harbor drive to the 32nd Street Naval Base, and then go on base, before returning via Harbor drive. With heightened security, we had to do two laps of Harbor drive, which meant four trips over the railroad tracks, and more time on the lumpy, bumpy, moonscape that is Harbor Drive. There were reports of several crashes. I kept the rubber down, and managed to cover the 9.5 miles in 27:54.

Transition number two, then onto the run course. As triathletes go, I am a pretty slow runner. However, with my training for Austin, my running has improved, and I could feel it as I headed out. The run course was scenic, mostly along the waterfront, Seaport Village, and there was a section they took us up on some grass to give it a cross country feel. They had a little stadium like area set up for the finish, and as you came into the shoot the announcer called out your name, I gave a fist pump and crossed the line in 27:44, a personal best for a 5K.

My total time, 1:11:31. 18th out of 54 in my age group. I am really pleased with that effort.

This event was a Tri-Rock which is put on by the Competitor Group. They are the same folks that do the Rock and Roll Marathons. So, yes, there were bands on the course, and even in the water! At the finish they had a band called Back in Black, an AC-DC Tribute band. I really thought AC-DC was on stage, these guys were good! Made for a fun event!

My wife and mother in law came out to cheer me on, ring cow bells and play sherpa for me. I really appreciate that, it made my day a bit easier and more fun. Plus the photos are courtesy of my mother in law and her new digital camera. Most of these are better than official event photos I’ve gotten! This week is back to training, as the next four weeks get pretty intense before a two week taper.

Photos: 1. Just before entering the water. Game time!

2. I'm in there, I'm the guy in the black cap and black wetsuit!

3. Bike time!

4. Run time!

5. Medal time!!!!!!!

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  1. Steve!!! Didnt know you had a blog! Does your sweet wife have one too?:)

    Good job out there! You looked pretty cool from the start.
    And yes...those alloted bike slots are wonderful!
    Good job and great race report!!