Friday, November 4, 2011

Color Me Pink

Last year I wrote a blog titled “Dude you have Pink Bar Tape on Your Bike.” It was in supported of breast cancer awareness month, and for all cancers. I put the pink bar tape on my bike again this year.

It was my intention to go back to my regular bar tape around the first of November. However, on the first of November we found out that my wife, Angi, has breast cancer.

Angi is tough. She will fight, and cancer is going to be sorry it messed with her.

Today, I changed my bar tape. But I kept it pink. I will have pink bar tape on my road and tri-bike until the doctor declares her cancer free.

I will buy some white bar tape. I will keep it on the shelf, waiting. Going back to the white will be part of our celebration once she is cancer free.

Until then, my bikes will be in the pink. I welcome anyone that wants to join me.


  1. You are the best hubby ever! Thanks for showing support for all of us whose boobies have tried to kill them. ;o)

  2. Bad luck there, to be sure, but rooting for Angi to kick some cancer butt!!!

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