Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rock and Roll San Diego Half Marathon

Those of you who have read my blog know my wife, Angi is fighting breast cancer.  Good news, she is done with chemo and her last scan was clear.  She is currently going through some radiation. 
I mention this because she always does the Rock and Roll half marathon.  It was her first major event, when she did the full, and she really enjoys the half-marathon race.  Of course she could not do it this year, so I did.  I put a pink ribbon on my bib and wrote her name on it.  Along with her mom, who is a 15 year survivor.  I ran this race for them. 

A group of us joined in on a race day fast pass so we could park at Sea World (finish) and get shuttled to the start.  Smartest money spent!  

Leading up to the race, I had been having issues with pain behind the knee, on the outside of the left leg, and soreness in the ankles.  I made two shoe changes, and I think the most recent will work.  I just bought them a week ago.  “Nothing new on race day be damned;” what I had was not working.   

Change one was documented in this post.

Change two was just a week ago.  Using Good Feet custom orthotics that I had along with a neutral shoe, the Asics Nimbus. 

The elites started at 6:15, which meant that not so fast Steve started at 6:46.  A little crowded at the start, some bunching, but not as bad as I thought it might be.  Got into a nice little groove.  Started ticking off the miles.   

The Rock and Roll series always brings out some characters and costumes.  My favorite was Mario, mostly because he was near a band that started playing the music from the video game, and Mario would jump like he was hitting the little buttons, and the band would hit the “scoring” notes.  Great stuff.  Lots of energy at a Rock and Roll event.   I heard later Chrissie Wellington and Bob Babbit dressed as Elvis and ran.  That is classic!

One of the bigger challenges of the race is running on route 163 as the road is heavily cambered.  I figured out the best place was way inside, and made pretty good hay along this portion. 

One of my concerns going into this race was that I would hit the wall early, like mile 8 or 9 since I didn’t get the length of training runs in I wanted to.  I hit it, but not until mile 12!  You can see my mile splits below and see how I fell off during the 13th mile even though I thought I was pushing pretty good, and passing lots of other runners. 

Overall I am happy with this race.  While I would like to get faster (who wouldn’t) I see this as progress, and hopefully will lead to a good run split at Superfrog. 

10:03 – downhill
11:06 - uphill
11:20 - uphill
11:44 – THE WALL

Hit the finish line, received my medal, very nice!  Water, chocolate milk, jamba juice, and chips. 

Met back up with the Fast Pass Express group.  3 of the 5 of us had a PR!

Good event, felt strange to run without riding my bike first.  Next up: Chula Vista Challange -

Gear: Asics Nimbus shoes


  1. I'm so proud of you! And it was great doing a race with you finally!

  2. WOW! What an amazing thing you did for the women in your life! Glad to hear your wife is clear (yay!!) and your mom-in-law won the battle! I was there that day, running the race, too, and though my husband didn't run it with me, he woke up with me at 4am to make sure I got there in time, cheered for me at the finish and he gave me a comfortable ride back home. Kudos to you and all the men who do extraordinary things for their wives! :) And congrats for finishing the San Diego Rock n Roll Half Marathon!!! :)