Friday, December 28, 2012

Year End Review? I think NOT!

I think the band Boston said it best: “Don’t look back.”  So instead of a year-end recap of races and events, let us look forward to 2013.  A big year is planned.  How are we going to get there? 

A big year you say.  What will make 2013 big?  I am signed up for two triathlons so far:  California 70.3 in March.  This will be my third 70.3 race.  It will be the first time a 70.3 is not my A race of the year.  Why?  Because in June, I will attempt to become an Ironman.  Coeur D’Alene, Idaho on June 23rd.   

After Superfrog 70.3 September 30th, I had an off-season of sorts in October.  I worked out, but with no plan, and it was a low volume month.  We ramped back up in November and started base-building for 2013.  I added strength training to my regimen to get more durable;  using a tri-specific plan.   That's me on the grueling beach run at Superfrog.

Biggest challenge to pulling this off?  The run.  Running is by far my weakest event.  I have the most issues with running.  To help, I took a run clinic put on by TCSD coach Brian.  Now I am working on my form and what Brian noticed and pointed out during the session. 

The over-all plan is to continue to ramp up my swimming, which I am very pleased with.  I just finished my second year of swimming, and while I am far from fast, I progressed further than I would have thought at this point.  Next is to hit the bike so hard in training that I can go 112, and get off the bike as fresh as possible.  Finally I just want to get my running to where I can run 2/3 or more of the run.  I know there will be some walk breaks; I am using a Galloway type run/walk for my long runs.   

In the short-term I will be doing the Bumble Bee 5K this week, the resolution run 15K on January 6, and the Stagecoach Century on January 12th.  From December through February USA Triathlon (USAT) is having their National ChallengeCompetition.  This is tri-clubs throughout the country competing in total miles logged over the three months.  Run and swims are weighted, so regardless of the sport, your efforts are pretty much equal.  This works as an additional motivator and fits well with a big base building plan for 2013. 

So why not a recap of 2012?  Nothing I did this year compares to my wife.  My wife went through six rounds of chemotherapy, 32 sessions of radiation, battles lymphedema and numerous other side effects from cancer treatment.  And at the end of the day, she told cancer to take its ball and go home.  She kicked cancer’s ass!  She's walked a few 5Ks, and has resumed riding her bike!

I hope all of you had a good 2012, and will have an even better 2013.  Thanks for reading!


  1. I heart the two of you. So happy about the wife and so excited about your big race plans. Don't forget about our century!

  2. Good luck on the road to ironman!

  3. Good Luck on all your races !!!!